Todd Simmons


  • DOB: 11/14/1964
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Hometown: Garden Valley, GA
  • Residence: Ideal, GA
  • Gun: Browning XS Sporting
  • Ammunition: Clever
  • Glasses: Randolph Ranger
  • Ear Plugs: ESP
  • Dominant Hand: L
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Gene Simmons (father)
  • Method: Swing through
  • Years Shooting: 38
  • Profession: Heavy Construction
  • Company: D&L Construction
  • Title: Supervisor


  • 2013 Great Eastern Lobster Classic HOA - 3rd time in a row
  • 2013 Tennessee State HOA - 5th time
  • 2012 Nationals 5-stand HOA
  • 2 time GA state champ – 2008 & 2012
  • Over 150 local Georgia wins
  • NSCA Team USA Sporting
  • 5 time NSCA All American


  • Pure Gold Chokes
  • Randoph Ranger

Todd grew up in Garden Valley, Georgia and started shooting at the age of 10. He started shooting skeet and trap and continued with that for about 20 years and was very successful. He still uses both sports for practice.

“About 15 years ago, I got introduced to sporting clays by an invitation to a tournament in Panama City, FL by a large-equipment salesman that I had hunted with and shot skeet and trap with for a few years. He had been shooting Sporting Clays for a while and thought I might enjoy it. With my experience in Trap and Skeet, they started me in B class for known ability. I didn’t last long in B class as I won the tournament that day.”

“After that, I started shooting fundraiser shoots and non-registered events and then progressed to registered targets. At the end of 2013, I had 128,306 lifetime registered targets logged…and not slowing down any time soon. I feel loved and hated wherever I go.”