Raymond “Ray” Brown


  • DOB:11-9-54
  • Height: 6’
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Residence: Yucaipa, CA
  • Gun: K80 Low rib – Sporting with custom barrels.
  • Ammunition: Fiocchi White Rino Paper, 1-1/8 oz. @ 1250, #7.5
  • Glasses: Pilla Panther
  • Ear Plugs: Sport Ear Electronic
  • Dominant Hand: Right
  • Dominant Eye: Left
  • Coach: Dan Carlisle
  • Method: Carlisle Method/Pullaway
  • Years Shooting: 40+ (17 years competitively)
  • Profession: Shooting Instructor and
    • Professional Shooter/Competitor
  • Years on PSCA Pro Tour: 1


  • PSCA Pro, Master Class Shooter (14 years)
  • 2-time Veteran Team USA Sporting Member
  • 17-time Sporting Clays All-American
  • 4 time Fitasc All-American
  • 3 time All Western Zone Team Member
  • 2017 World English Veteran Team Gold
  • 2017 World English Vet 5th
  • 2017 Kachina Open RU + VetCH
  • 2016 Nationals Veteran RU
  • 2016 California State Fitasc RU
  • 2016 Arizona State Fitasc Vet RU
  • 2016 Arizona State 5-Stand RU + VetCH
  • 2014 Western Regional Fitasc Open RU + VetCH
  • NSCA Level 3 Instructor
  • Carlisle Shooting Master Instructor
  • Grand Prairie Master Instructor


  • Fiocchi Ammunition
  • Carlisle Shooting
  • Pit Stop Embroidery
  • StrongPoint Pet Food
  • Casa de Los Patos Hunting Club.

“I started shooting at the early age of 5 with a lot of help from Dad. Growing up I seldom missed a dove hunt and tried to hunt birds as much as possible. As an adult, I never got far from having a shotgun in my hands, even with raising a family and working multiple jobs.

“I was a 22-year career professional firefighter as an adult. When I was injured in 1999 and ultimately forced to retire early, I found a void in my life that I had not expected. That void was ‘challenges.’ In the fire service, challenges were a daily occurrence. I needed something to give me that drive in my life that I have taken for granted for all those years. My buddy suggested competing in sporting clays since it wasn’t too far off from the recreational shooting that I had been doing off and on. It didn’t take long before I completely went off the deep end and couldn’t get enough of it. My need for a challenge has now grown into professional shooting and teaching, the latter of which I REALLY love.

“There is nothing better than seeing a glowing face of a student after smashing targets that they didn’t think they could hit, and knowing that I had a little bit to do with that. I follow most of my student’s tournament scores and really get excited for them when they shoot well. It is truly the ultimate compliment when one of my students beats me in tournament. Truly a win-win.

“I feel very fortunate that I have a loving wife that supports my passion. My ‘shooting family’ is constantly growing when I am out on the road and without question are some of the nicest people anyone could ever want to meet. I would urge any of you that has interest in the great sport to get out there and try it!!!”