Official Contest Details


1. These terms and conditions are hereinafter known as the "Rules." The Rules apply to the PSCA Snap, Share, and Shoot Contest aka PSCA Pro Shot Contest (the "Contest") promoted by PSCA and by participating in this Contest, you agree to be bound by the Rules.
2. PSCA reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the Contest and/or Rules without notice for any event that is outside the PSCA's reasonable control. Any changes to the Rules, or cancellation of the Contest, will be posted on PSCA's Facebook (PSCATour), Instagram (@professional_sporting_clays), and Twitter (@pscatour) accounts. It is the responsibility of participants to keep themselves informed as to any changes to the Rules.
3. In the event of any dispute regarding the Rules, the conduct or results of the Contest, or any other matter relating to the Contest, the decision of the PSCA shall be final and uncontestable and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into, comment issued, or reason given in respect of any decision made by PSCA.

Contest Participants

4. By entering the Contest, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you in your entry is true, accurate and complete in every respect. The PSCA reserves the right to verify any information contained in your entry and/or your eligibility to enter the Contest.
5. Unless otherwise stated in the Rules, the Contest is open to all persons at the 2016 NSCA US Open.
6. Unless otherwise stated in the Rules, the Contest is open to persons of any age. PSCA assumes that by participating in the Contest, the parents or guardians of any entrant that is aged under the age of 18 have consented to that person's participation into the Contest and these Rules. Entrants may be required to provide proof of identity.

Contest Entries

7. Entries must be made between 8:00 AM CST June 1 and 12:00PM CST June 4, 2016 during the NSCA US Open.
8. There is no requirement to make any purchase in order to participate in the Contest.
9. Multiple entries are permitted.

10. 2 Winners will be notified by 2:00 PM CST June 4 via social media.
11. 2 Winners will be drawn to compete in a head-to-head shootoff on the PSCA Pro Challenge Field.
12. The Winner of the shootoff will be awarded a pair of RE Ranger Shooting Glasses.


13. The PSCA accepts no responsiblity for any damage, loss, injury (other than our liability for personal injury or death as a result of our negligence) or disappointment of any kind suffered by a participant participating in the Contest.
14. The PSCA accepts no responsibility for entries lost, damaged or delayed due to computer, internet, or cell error in transit.

Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection

15. You agree that the PSCA (and any third party authorized by the PSCA) may use your entry (whether or not it is chosen to receive a conditional license) for any promotional purpose (for example, placing it on the PSCA website or on any poster, leaflet, or other advertising media). You confirm that your entry is original that you own and have the right to license to PSCA the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the entry for the purposes referred to in the Rules. You will retain ownership of copyright in your entry but you will give PSCA (or any third party authorized by PSCA) your irrevocable permission to use, reproduce, publish, display, transmit, copy, amend, store, sell and sub-license your entry worldwide for such promotional purposes and for the purposes of the Contest.
16. All winners unconditionally agree (as a condition of accepting any conditional license) to: (a) the use of their name, one or more photography of themselves and disclosure of their state of residence (if such finalist is resident within the US); and (b) co-operate with or participate in any other resonable post-Contest publicity.