Michael Boire


  • DOB: 09/27/1990
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Hometown: Ormond Beach, FL
  • Residence: Lutz, FL
  • Gun: Zoli Z-Sport High Rib
  • Ammunition: 1300 fps 1oz 7.5
  • Glasses: Pilla Panther
  • Ear Plugs: Silent Treatment by Jerry Bryant
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Self
  • Method: All Methods
  • Years Shooting: 3
  • Profession: Shooting Instructor & PSCA Professional
  • Years on PSCA Pro Tour: 1


  • 2016 PSCA Pro


  • S&S Plus Custom Stocks
  • Ancient Oak Gun Club
Born in Ormond Beach, FL, Michael grew up fishing and spending most of his time outdoors. Although he shot rifles and pistols with his dad and brother from an early age, he did not pick up a shotgun until the beginning of 2013. After switching to a Zoli in early 2014, Michael quickly climbed the ranks, making Master class by the end of his second year and qualifying to be a PSCA Pro by the end of his third. Primarily self-taught, he has been very fortunate to have made great friends along the way who have constantly helped to push him to higher levels. To start 2016, Michael and his wife Clancie moved to Lutz, Florida to train and develop a coaching business.