Matthew Toth


  • DOB: 03/19/1997
  • Height: 6'
  • Hometown: Chugiak, AK
  • Residence: Chugiak, AK
  • Gun: Krieghoff K-80
  • Ammunition: Rio Elite
  • Glasses: Pilla Outlaw X
  • Earplugs: Foam
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Tony Monzingo
  • Method: Pull Away/Sustained Lead
  • Years Shooting: 5
  • Profession: Student
  • Years on Pro Tour: 1


  • 2015 NSCA 410 All American Junior Team Captain
  • 2015 NSCA 28 Gauge All-American Junior Team Captain
  • 2015 20 Gauge All-American Open 3rd team
  • 2015 12 Ga All-American Junior 3rd Team
  • 2015 NSCA National 20 Gauge FITASC RU
  • 2014 NSCA Alaska State Shoot HAA


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Matthew Toth was born and raised in Chugiak, Alaska, and just turned 18. He has one younger sister and two very supportive parents.

Matt has always been around guns as far back as he can remember. The first, a BB gun at 3, then to shotguns and rifles at age 5, a few clays on the skeet field at ages 5-7, then to the .410 as a hunting gun for Spruce Grouse and squirrels. His first sporting clay shoot came rather unexpectedly in 2009 at a fundraiser at Grouse Ridge that a family friend was putting on. His dad’s team was a man short. Matt was asked to be on the team and used a pump 20 gauge that was left over. Originally he was going to shoot a few for fun but ended up doing surprisingly well and ran the final station with an overhead bird and a slow chandelle target (which he had no idea what they were called at that time). Fire from that shoot lingered in his mind for a year or two until an opportunity arose to join a youth team at the Birchwood Shooting Park league and Grouse Ridge to shoot for the Baker Hughes Young guns with Gerald Atol and Todd Pulis as coaches.

Matt was fortunate enough to begin his competitive career with some of the best coaching Alaska had to offer. Gerald Atol and Todd Pulis were exponentially helpful in starting him in the right direction. In his second year of shooting Matt was able to travel to Champs Camp with Tony Monzingo. Tony was a huge help in training with mental focus and competitive strategies for peak performance and understanding of processes that Matt learned and applied quickly, he continues to go and volunteer each year. In 2011 he joined NSCA as a D class shooter and climbed to Master Class in 3 short years. Due to his competitive nature and focus, he diligently watched shooters around him and tried to incorporate their styles and habits into his game. Matt has adopted styles from various shooters and coaches such as Dan Carlisle, Gebben Miles, and David Radulovich. This, along with tireless practice and the ability to travel outside the state on occasion, proved an effective method for making his climb to Master Class in a short 3 years.

Matt is looking to see how far shooting can take him and strives to be the best that he can be. He continues to learn through diligent practice and always looking to improve on any and every aspect of his game.

“Work until your idols become your rivals.”