Gebben Miles


  • DOB: 09/15/1984
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Hometown: Tucson, AZ
  • Residence: Tucson, AZ
  • Gun: Krieghoff
  • Glasses: Oakley
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Steve Shultz
  • Method: TargetLine Shooting School
  • Years Shooting: 19
  • Company: Year on Pro Tour: 3


  • 2015 Diamond Classic Champion
  • 2015 World Sporting/FITASC Team Champion
  • 2015 Team USA Captain Sporting and FITASC
  • 2015 PSCA Pro Tour Champion
  • 2014 NAD Al Sheba Champion
  • 2014 PSCA Pro Tour Champion
  • Current FITASC World Rank 3
  • Current Team USA points leader in both sporting disciplines
  • 2013 Russian Grand Prix Compak Champ
  • 2013 Spanish Grand Prix Sporting Champ
  • 2013 US Grand Prix Sporting Champ
  • 2013 US Open FITASC Champ
  • 2013 Western Regional Champ
  • 2013 Diamond Classic Champ
  • 2013 Krieghoff Classic Champ
  • 2013 World English Fitasc & 5stand Champ
  • 2012 World Champion
  • 2011 National All-Around Champ
  • 2010 National All-Around Champion RU
  • 2009 National Champion
  • 2009 US Open T3
  • 2008 AZ State Champ
  • 2007 World All-Around 5stand Champ
  • 2007 World All-Around FITASC Champ
  • 2007 World English Super Finalist
  • 2007 AZ State Champ
  • 2006 AZ State Champ
  • 2005 US Open FITASC Champ
  • 2005 AZ State Champ
  • 2004 College National Champion
  • 10 time Team USA
  • 14 time All-American
  • 2011 All-American team Captain
  • 2011 Team USA Captain Sporting and Fitasc
  • 5 time team World Champion Team Gold medalist


  • Krieghoff
  • Remington
  • Promatic
  • Muller Chokes
  • TargetLine Shooting Schools
  • Elements City Church
  • Quiet Dust Shooting
  • Itus Tactical
  • Altra Footwear

Gebben resides in Tucson, Arizona, where he was born and raised by his parents, Tim and Laura. He has 3 younger sisters: Ashley, Michelle and Abbi. Gebben graduated from the University of Arizona in 2007 with a degree in Regional Development.

Sports have always been a major part of his life. In his younger years, golf and basketball were his passions. During his freshman year of high school, he suffered a broken elbow, which put a stop to his participation in sports for a while. He needed something to fill the void, so he turned to sporting clays and has been intrigued with the game ever since. During high school, he attended several shooting competitions and got involved in local shooting leagues. While improving on his shooting technique, his competition scores were extremely inconsistent. Frustration led him to Lanny Bassham, a mental management coach. Through this instruction, he started to understand the mental discipline of sport, which he slowly began to incorporate into his own game.

He attended Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, in his freshman year of college and was part of their shooting program, earning 1st place in the collegiate nationals. Experiencing the lack of quality training, he returned back to Tucson and enrolled at the University of Arizona. Gebben also started working with a shotgun coach of TargetLine School, Steve Schultz, who remains Gebben’s coach. Steve has been more than just a coach to Gebben. They have become like family, which has caused the TargetLine Shooting School to become a tight-knit and close group of shooters.

During his first two years at the University of Arizona, Gebben made some poor decisions that led him astray from his relationship with God. He then became involved with Athletes in Action, a Christian-based ministry, which really challenged his faith. Although he had a relationship with God, he still had other idols in his life that he needed to get rid of before he could walk in harmony with God. It was through a camp he attended with Athletes in Action in Fort Collins, Co. that was life-changing for Gebben. During an 18-hour physical and mental challenge, he learned to let go of ME (his ego) and totally let God be in control. Gebben says “this experience helped me learn to really have an intimate relationship with God on a daily, moment by moment, basis.” Since the summer of 2008, Gebben has been following Jesus with all his heart. His focus is on his relationship with God and to teach others what God has done and is doing in people’s lives.

In the fall of 2008, Gebben volunteered as an affiliate staff member with Athletes in Action to help serve the group that facilitated his spiritual growth. He also has been holding fellowship meetings at many shooting tournaments since the 2008 Nationals. In the spring of 2009 Gebben worked with Henry Hopking, a mental coach from England. Henry taught Gebben how to reach his optimal level of focus while shooting and to tie in his relationship with God to his sport in the most effective way. Gebben continued to work with his coach, Steve Schultz, in perfecting the information learned from Henry. It all paid off when Gebben won the 2009 National Sporting Clays championship and the 2012 World Champion. He was able to give all the glory to God realizing that God put all these different pieces in Gebben’s life and fit them together to make him the person and competitor he is. He used to be a sporting clays shooter who was a Christian. Now Gebben is a Follower of Christ who happens to be a sporting clays shooter, minister, and loving friend.