Drew Benson


  • DOB: 12/28/1991
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Hometown: Cottage Grove, Minnesota
  • Residence: Cottage Grove, Minnesota
  • Gun: Krieghoff K80
  • Ammunition: Bornaghi Extreme 1 Oz 7.5s
  • Glasses: Pilla Outlaw
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Method: Sustained with some pull away on certain birds
  • Years Shooting:14
  • Company: Mathiowetz Construction
  • Title: GPS Specialist
  • Education: College Degree- Construction Project Management


  • National Sporting Clays K-Kup Master 1st
  • 2 Time Minnesota State Champion-HOA
  • Mn State 5Stand State Champion
  • 2x Border Battle Champion
  • 4x All American
  • 3x All Zone

“I have always enjoyed the outdoors with my family. I began going with my dad and grandpa hunting at a young age, before I could carry a gun and going out to sit with them and watch. I feel like family and the outdoors is what got me to where I am today. Before I could even carry a gun, I remember walking with my dad around my grandpa’s grove with a BB gun shooting squirrels, which eventually worked its way up to a .22, and then onto a .410. Using anything we could to make into a target. Then the itch to be hunting began. I began going with him on deer hunting trips and that lead to pheasant hunting. I convinced my parents to have a dog. My first dog was a British Black Lab named 'Magic.' I got him when I was 12, the first year I could carry a gun and hunt. The first year I did a lot of pheasant, duck, goose and deer hunting. This first year was what got me hooked on hunting and the outdoor life for good. I continued to hunt and fish with my family religiously for the next 3.5 years. After finding out that I was a good shot, our neighbor asked me to come join him and his wife on their trap team. The team was in honor of his wife, who was battling cancer for the third time. I was down shooting a few rounds of trap before a baseball tournament one weekend when I noticed a sporting clays fun shoot banner. A few minutes later, I was still confused on the sporting clays concept. I had no idea what it was about. An older gentleman asked me if I would like to try it? At the time, I was shooting an old Winchester Model 1200 - 12 Gauge pump shotgun with a fixed full choke, my dad’s first gun he had as a child. So, I had no gun for the cause, they offered me to use their gun. So, I took them up on it and have been addicted ever since! Today I am still shooting the gun that I shot that day, I went on to buy the Browning I borrowed that day. I continued to shoot on the trap and sporting clays team until I graduated high school. It was a memory that kept Lisa in our thoughts as she lost her battle to brain cancer.

“After graduation, I left for a few years to go to college to play baseball and further my education. During this period it was hard to shoot as much as I would have liked to. I continued to better myself on the mental side of the game with books as I could not practice as much as I would have liked. I began to struggle with my shooting and was not satisfied with the results. I was on the verge of leaving the sport behind that I loved so much. I seemed to hit a point where I could not satisfy myself or get over a hump that had been a roadblock for most of the 2012 season. I put my gun down for a month before our state shoot and did not plan on shooting it as I was frustrated with my shooting. I had a wedding the same weekend of the state shoot, it would have been too much going on to be in the right mental mindset to give it a go at a state title. After many phone calls from friends and talking I decided to shoot the main event and 5-stand. I had to shoot early Saturday morning and leave right away for the wedding, then return Sunday to finish. I shot a strong 96 Saturday morning and got on the road.

“Returning Sunday morning to shoot my 5-stand and finish the main event that afternoon, I ran the 5-stand 50 straight so I knew the day was on the right track. I again went out to the main event with a great squad and shot another 96 to win the state title by 1 bird. This was my last year in the junior class so I claimed the Junior title and the MN State HOA title. This is when I saw my shooting career turn to where I thought I could make something of it! Now, at 23, I have two Minnesota State Champion titles along with many concurrent titles and a 3rd place finish last year. I graduated with my degree in Construction Project Management last May and am currently working for Mathiowetz Construction Co. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family in the outdoors; either at the cabin, fishing, hunting, four wheeling, or just relaxing with our two hunting dogs Axel (2) and Magic (10) both British Labs. I also enjoy snowmobiling with my friends in the winter and ice fishing. I can’t thank my family and friends enough for all the support along the way. Most of all I have to thank my parents and grandpa for their support and love, allowing me to get into the sport I now love!

“I am extremely excited to have participated in and qualified for the PSCA team. I look forward to continuing success with the upcoming shoots.”