Danny Webb


  • DOB: 8/13/1958
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
  • Residence: San Antonio, Texas
  • Gun: Zoli Super Lusso
  • Ammunition: Winchester AA
  • Glasses: Maui JIm
  • Ear Plugs: Peltor
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: David Bates, Steve Schultz and Bubba Walton and Bill McGuire
  • Years Shooting: 5
  • Profession: Building winning engines
  • Company: Mission Auto Parts
  • Title: Owner


  • “At one time or another, I have won every South Texas Fun Shoot.”


  • Zoli
  • Mission Auto Parts
“I wore out lots of Daisey BB guns and shot registered trap for a while at one-shot south Texas fun shoots. I started shooting sporting clays five years ago and really like the challenge of so many different presentations.”