Brice Grantham


  • DOB: 04/08/1998
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Hometown: Douglas, GA
  • Residence: Douglas, GA
  • Gun: Krieghoff K-80
  • Ammunition: Fiocchi White Rhino
  • Glasses: Pilla
  • Ear Plugs: PMS
  • Dominant Hand: L
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Anthony Matarese, Jr.
  • Years Shooting: 10
  • Profession: Full-time Student
  • Years on PSCA Pro Tour: 2


  • 2015 World English FITASC Runner Up
  • 2015 Harvest Moon Fitasc JR 1
  • 2015 Harvest Moon Thru Prelim HOA
  • 2014 Ga State 28ga HOA- 5-Stand Sub-Jr Champ
  • 2014 M&M Sporting Club Master Cup Sub-Jr Champ
  • 3 Time GA State Sub-Jr Champ
  • 2012 South Carolina State FITASC HOA
  • 2012 Gamaliel Cup Sub-Jr Champ
  • 3 Time Carribean Cup Sub-Jr Champ
  • 3 Time Florida Challenge Sub-Jr Champ


  • AIM Shooting School
  • Pure Gold Chokes
  • Grantham Electrical Contracting
  • Fiocchi Ammo
Brice Grantham was born in Douglas, Georgia. He began shooting at age 8 when his parents entered him in his first NWTF Turkey Shoot. He came in last place at the event, but won a gun. Brice was inspired to continue his love of the sport. Along with professional shooting, he also shoots with the Coffee County 4-H Shotgun Team and several charity events. A senior in high school, Brice will graduate in May 2016 and continue his shooting endeavors.